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Catelyn III

Chapter Summary: Someone tries to murder Bran in his sickbed and Catelyn decides to take matters into her own hands.

Characters Present:Brandon StarkCatelyn TullyHallis MollenLuwinNanRobb StarkRodrik CasselTheon Greyjoy

Character Deaths: 0

Favorite Quote: “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell”

Today on all the things I hate about Catelyn! Okay, actually, I have very little to…

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The Rape of Cersei Lannister

The Rape of Cersei Lannister

This blog is supposed to be about the books. It’s supposed to be a reflection as I read through each chapter and try to find out what it all means to me. I won’t do this often but today I feel the need to comment about the most recent episode of A Game of Thrones. I am usually the first one to get angry about scene changes between the books and show but, there are a lot of upset individuals…

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Tyrion II

Chapter Summary: Tyrion makes his way north to the wall and has a nice conversation with Jon Snow and his wolf.

Characters Present:Benjen StarkJon SnowJyckMorrecRastTyrion LannisterYoren 

Character Deaths: 0

Favorite Quote: “Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it”

I feel like this chapter was meant to allow the reader to get to know more about Tyrion Lannister and how…

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Ned II

**Disclaimer: I have given up on keeping every chapter spoiler free. It’s stifling rethinking everything I want to write. I want to say what I want when I want, so, from here on out. Beware, who knows what I might do. In other words: ALL THE SPOILERS!**

Chapter Summary: Ned and Robert ride away from the procession to discuss Daenerys Targaryen., Jon Snow’s mother, and everything else that pisses…

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Dany II

Chapter Summary: Dany gets married to Khal Drogo and receives some very special gifts.

Characters Present: CoholloDaenerys TargaryenDoreahDrogoHaggoIllyrio MopatisIrriJhiquiJorah Mormont,QothoViserys III Targaryen

Character Deaths: 0

Favorite Quote: “Tell Khal Drogo he has given me the wind”

I absolutely love this chapter. This chapter is about new beginnings and growth as far…

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Jon II

Jon II

Chapter Summary: Jon prepares for his long ride north to join the Night’s Watch by saying his goodbyes to the people he loves most.

Characters Present: Jon Snow, Catelyn Tully, Brandon Stark, Robb Stark, Arya Stark  

Character Deaths: 0

Favorite Quote: “First lesson, stick them with the pointy end.”

So, this chapter is another one of those chapters that make me furious over Catelyn and her…

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After a Long Uneventful Break

After a Long Uneventful Break

Hello all of my wonderful followers! Sorry I have neglected you for so long!


Really, nothing has happened. It’s not like my life has been so terrible or so wonderful that I have decided not to tell you about it. I swear, those are the best things to blog about. However, my life has been filled with neutral, semi-interesting but not interesting enough on-goings. School is on spring break, so, I…

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Tyrion I

Chapter Summary: Tyrion gives Joffrey a few good slaps and has breakfast with his family.

Characters Present:   Cersei LannisterChayleJaime LannisterJoffrey BaratheonMyrcella BaratheonSandor CleganeTommen Baratheon,Tyrion Lannister

Character Deaths: 0

Favorite Quote: “You wound me. You know how much I love my family.”

So, sorry about the long break between posts this time. There’s no…

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Bran II

Chapter Summary: Brandon Stark hears a disturbing conversation and takes a fall with the help of the Lannisters.

Characters Present: Brandon Stark, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister

Character Deaths: 1

Favorite Quote: “The things I do for love”

How Much Did I Enjoy This Chapter? 10/10 And this is when George R.R. Martin stomps on your heart and feeds it to the lions.

This chapter has so…

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Chapter Summary: Arya is really bad at needlework. With Jon Snow, she watches the other Stark boys practice swordplay with the princes.

Characters Present: Arya StarkBeth CasselBrandon StarkCatelyn TullyDonnisJeyne PooleJoffrey BaratheonJon SnowLewMordane,Myrcella BaratheonRobb StarkRodrik CasselSandor CleganeSansa StarkTheon GreyjoyTommen Baratheon

Character Deaths:…

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